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Thousand Pieces of Pure Light

Thousand Pieces of Pure Light


The album is available on many streaming platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music.
You can also buy the album, or songs of the album via iTunes.
You like to experience the music with a video? Click on the image below to see and hear the entire album on YouTube:


The album or one or more of the 10 songs can as usual be listened and downloaded from this site:
1. Unlimited Love.mp3
2. Blue Air 1982.mp3
3. Cry ye daughter of Sion.mp3
4. A feeling deep inside.mp3
5. Don't leave me alone.mp3
6. So long my friend.mp3
7. An accomplished fact.mp3
8. Hot bed of break.mp3
9. Annoying.mp3
10. The Grand Departure.mp3

Written and performed by Henk Harmsen
Produced by Idan Altman and Henk Harmsen